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Boy Ran From His House | A Real Incident Of My Life 22 October 2014

Well, I don't have words and don't know how to start about this story. I'm not pretty sure what i'm doing is right or not. (I've broken English so ignore grammar and vocabulary mistakes please.)

But we are Muslims.

Muslims are Brother
And we should help others. As most of us well doing that too.
So that I also keep searching to help others as I can on keep eye on my surrounding environment.

Last night I was returning home with my one of close friend Name Asad Azeem on bike from an interview.

We're talking with each other while riding bike. And I was the driver. So on, on a road, We just completed the half distance of home back, suddenly I saw a guy at the side of road, setting on a footpath at service road.
Time is I think was: 11:00pm (PST), yeah.

Boy alone sitting on footpath
I just saw him, and thinking that
1: might be he is just sitting there for time pass or any reason,
2: may be he is waiting for someone.
for just a moment a suspect is in my mind came up with that; may be he ran away from his home, or may be he is in some kinda problem, or may be he need help.


After thinking about those thoughts, I decided that I've to check and just confirm the exact reality or thing.
I turn my bike at service road and move back to him by taking the Service road.
I just think and act within in seconds.

Well, here we go, and you know what's the current situation of society, I mean of Pakistan, specially when you think to help some person, it will not works like the way you're thinking and you got a problem with yourself reversely. :P

Help Me

So first step in Pakistan when someone needs help:
Stay away to help others.
Just Safe yourself and your family.
Stay out from other matters.
Call the police if you want to help someone.
Run away if you think that you catch in some kinda problem and also suffers police investigation.
Just close your eye and pass away if you can't help.
May God Help Him/Her, saying and pass; when you see someone needs help.

Just all we can do and pray.

All these steps I thought and after that I stop my bike right at the front of him.

I stop bike
While stopping my bike I was thinking that; might be he thinks that we're snatchers and we're came to snatch his cell phone, cash etc and rob him. :P

But what we are, and who is he, we guys are don't know really.

Anyways... I saw him and look at his appearance first.
He was a boy, with brown color, Smart and slim height might be 5.5" and dressing is normal not so good, he don't have cell phone too :P and wearing blue jeans i think so, curly short hairs.

Curly Brown Guy

I ask many questions from him, well if I mention here, then I might need 1 hour for typing lol,

I just talk non-stop for 2 hours.

Questions I ask from him:

  • As-Salam-O-Alaikum, how are you?
Answer: Wa-laikum-Mus-Salam, I'm fine.
  • Why you're sitting here?
Answer: I ran from my home. :) :(

Father Questioning To Son
Father Beating His Son
  • What's your name?
Answer: Miraaj, after sometime I again ask his name he said: Miraash. I can't his name at first, so his name is finally was Miraash Malik.
  • Are you Muslim?
Answer: Yes.
  • Where do you live?
Answer: Why? sorry I can't tell you, at-last after too much force he replied: Johar Town, Abdullah Town.
  • Are you stupid?
Answer: No, I'm not stupid. 
But you're looking stupid I replied to him.
  • How could you be so insane?
Answer: I'm not, but My family can't understands me, and so do I, and I really can't afford more the environment of my home. You don't understands me.
  • You're at wrong way kid, do you have any idea?
Answer: I know, but I don't have any option, just this, and I'm done with it.
  • I think I should kill you here?
Answer: Lol, okay. 
I just said to him that I should kill you, after he told me that: He was Punctual of 5 times prayers and Also help others.
  • Don't you know what will happening to you if you do this?
Answer: No.
then I'll tell him that, after few hours or minutes, if you're sitting right here, it may be held that; Police came and caught you, after that they will torture you, and implement fake charges on you, and your future and life is gone ruin, totally.

If it not happens then other thing in which you trap is the robbers, or caught-up by kidnapper, gangsters, do you have idea about the current situation of Pakistan. There is not safe here. Please. Go back to home As Soon As Possible.
  • Do you believe on Allah?
Answer: Yes. 
Well I don't think so;I replied. Just look at yourself, and what you done. Stupid.
  • Do you have faith on Allah?
Answer: Yes, Again same answer. Well then why you ran from your home? stupid.

Faith on Allah
  • You don't know what you're doing and planing to, why?
Answer: Yes, I know all.
No you don't know, just think about your family, just think about your Mom, who keep save you before your birth and you grow in her, and she is your Mom who let you in this World. How could you so mean enough that you're just thinking of yourself; I replied.

crying Mom

  • Why  you're doing this?
Answer: I just can't live the current environment of my home, I heard and used by abusive language at home, nobody cares about me, understands me, I don't want to go back home now, please don't force me, I'm tired-up now.
I'm just listening to him. And pretend myself like I'm agreed with him.
  • Do you think what you're doing is good?
Answer: No, I don't know but all I know is that; I'm not going back to home anymore now.
  • Will you go with me?
Answer: No.
Well, don't hesitate, look, just come on, hang with me outside, let's run, we both brothers together, form home :) He smiled when I said this to him. :D and I just gaining my trust on him, so I franked with Miraash Malik and gives him many examples of Islam by Hadith and my learning experience from my parents, from granny, from my life and from my professional life.
  • Are you serious?
Answer: Yes, I'm serious, I'm not going back to home now. You just go from here, You're getting late for home, don;t waste your time with me. i can't get home back now.
  • I think you're mad, don't you?
Answer: Yes, I'm Mad :D
  • What's your Brothers name?
Answer: Hashim, and Masaam. and One Sis, she is at 12. I mean 12 years old. And I'm the elder one.
wow, unique names you guys have got. Ahan you've one younger sister too, that's good; I replied. :)

crying sister

  • What your father's name?
Answer: I'm sorry can't tell you.
  • What's your age?
Answer: 18 years old.
Oh it means I'm 4 years elder to you Mr. Miraash Malik. :) I replied to him. :)
  • Don't do that, what you're thinking to, will you agree with me please?
Answer: No, I just going somewhere in this world, but don't think I go back home, and you don't understands me so, please don't force me too, I'm not going with you. I'm not agree with you, Sorry.
  • Do you study?
Asnwer: Yes, I'm doing CA, form Pac College near at Gulberg, Lahore.
What: :O OMG, you're doing CA, then I now kill you, I swear, you stupid. I replied to him almost stoutly.

Finally after 1 hour He willing to sit with us on bike and I make sure him that I just free him at the place where he is safe.

So, First I drop my friend #Asad to his home back and then I show Miraash my home's society and then I turn my bike at #Adbullah Town finally.

On Way, he just shouted and requested to me that he don;t want to go back home, and not yet, okay okay, I go back home but not yet, please stop the bike, and free me, I walk'in through to my home back by myself.
Time: 01:05am (PST) 23-Oct-2014
 But I didn't stop my bike, cox I care about him, and I know that what's will happen to a lonely person, especially when he/she ran out from his home by any damn stupid reasons.
But sometimes it's the last option you've to ran out from home when you're feels any danger of your life, or etc solid reasons.

I just said to Miraash Malik that don't worry at all, I just talk with your parents and tells to them that I'm your college Friend. And you are with me all from last hours when you ran from your house. Simple, don't worry, I will handle all the things.

But he didn't agree, after that we reached in his area and now he refuses me again and again to tell em the exact location of him home.

Guide Ways
Well, he looks nice person and he is nice, so I just help him by the sake of Allah and by the acceptance of Allah Pak. He is so lucky that he got helped by me from Allah Pak.

And we stay at his area at a closed shop stairs and Miraash Malik said to me; I go back home after few minutes, you can go, you're already too late. But I replied to him; No, I stay with you here, and when I drop you at your home back, then I satisfy and go back to my home. But first priority is your home back issue. :)

So on, I just talk to him and guide him the ways, and assure him that I understands his situation and care about him, I talk  3 hours instantly with him and my throat is just lol,
We talked each other nicely. he is nice guy and I respect persons who are nice to me or who are not too :P

Time: 01:45am 23-Oct-2014

I look at my wrist watch and said to Miraash Malik that; Okay now sit with me i drop you at home, after insisted he sit with me on bike and I start my bike and turn it to his told location now.

He finally helps me to locate his home and I drop him to his Home just and move to my home. I didn't met with his family and I don't feel it as mandatory. Miraash Malik now has goals and aims and I hope he knows now, what He have to do.
Now I'm ready for good sleep tonight and I enjoy a good sleep after that. :)
Happy Family
Child Need Parents
A happy family is just we hope for us. But Let's start to hope Happy Family of others too :)
Happy Endings is movies and in real life gives instantly relaxation and happiness and good feel.

Happy Ending
I just reached home back at 02:am PST and didn't take late dinner even Mom offers me to take meal but what I just suffers with, so current condition was really disturbed. So I just slept with full of relaxation that I saved world of someone :) :P :)


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